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BMM Automation offering to our clients, leak test machines which have the ability of testing minutest leakages with utmost accuracy with pressure drop & vacuum method. The machine is widely trusted as it gives accurate results and certifies the product to be the leakage free. These leak testing machines are widely finds its applications in various industrial sectors.
We provide solutions for leak testing of any casting, molding, assembly components of automobile, pharmaceutical, packaging industries to suit various leak testing applications in production testing, quality control and R & D applications. This is high pressure air leak test through microprocessor based pressure drop method with highest resolution to meet international standards.
BMM Automation design & manufacture air leak test machines with dry as well as dry & water immersion method to check the porosity of Cylinder Block, Cylinder Head, Gear Housing, Clutch Housing, Transaxle Housing, Oil Coolers, High Pressure Gas Cylinder, Iintake / Exhaust Manifold, Engine Assembly, Transmission Assembly, Rear Axle Assembly, Fuel Tank or any Pressurised / Fluid Reservoirs etc. with high pressure air leak test through microprocessor based pressure drop method with highest resolution to meet international standards. Water dip machine has built in facility of water immersion for further analysis of leakage area which can be observed In illuminated water tank.
The procedure is to load the component on fixture, clamp and plug the component in position. Air will be pressurised in to the component till the pressure reaches a preset value, stabilise the air inside the component and checked for leakage through a pressure drop/flow sensor and the result is displayed on leak testing instrument. If the component is rejected, it is immersed into the emulsion tank where the area of leakage is observed visually. In case of OK component punching will be done & depressurization, de-plugging followed by de-clamping take place.
All clamping, locating and plugging will be done by hydraulic / pneumatic cylinders automatically, hence the process time and labor required is greatly saved. The operator only has to load the component & then press cycle start push button.
Total operation is automatic without operator interference. Machine is fully automatic & controlled through PLC. The system is configured to operate in auto / manual mode.
Special Purspose Leak Testing Machine for Auto Components and Assemblies

   Cylinder Block LTM
   Cylinder Head
   Rear Axle
   Cylinder Head Water Jacket
   Cylinder Head Valve Sheet
   Transaxle Housing
   Clutch Housing

   LPG, CNG Manifolds
   Wheel Rim
   Clutch Cover
   Cylinder Head Cover
   4 - Speed Housing
   Assembled Valve Seat
   Assembled Enigne